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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sikuli - Handling Dialogs across Platforms

Hi all,

I am writing this post as I came to know this feature is some bit useful for Selenium Users who are running scripts across Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

It is some difficult to handle dialogs while automating browser applications using selenium. Though its easy to automate those dialogs using native supported EXEs like AutoIt for Windows, dogTail for linux, ATOmac( and AppleScript for Mac, we need a common tool which can do the same operations in all platforms to ease the work.

So we are going to Sikuli
As its supporting all platforms, its not using any API to automate the dialogs and controls rather its using images of controls to do the operations.
It provides IDE to do the scripting on all OSs. Also no need for typing and own scriting. IDE itself provides the flow like

1. Find / Wait / Exists for some image
2. Do KeyBoard or Mouse Operations on that image

Finally you can export or save the script by .sikuli extension. This .sikuli folder contains the images and scripts for the specific test.

Now you can run the specific script from IDE. Also you can run the scripts from commadLine. This way you can call the sikuli scripts from Java Code as part of your selenium test.

java -jar sikuli-script.jar path-to-your-sikuli-script

For more information, visit their website
Also you can try SQUISH by FrogLogic

Also you can try below apps:
White - Windows Application Automation API (by Thoughtworks)
Frankenstein - Java Swing Application Automation (by Thoughtworks)
SWTBot - Java SWT based application automation (by Eclipse Group)


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