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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Maintain Locators - Selenium Automation Projects

Automating your application is easy on the way to reach your goal in your selenium tests. But give me answers to below questions or answer yourself.
1. Is it readable?
2. Is it easily modifiable while your script grows?
3. Is it easily identifiable?
4. Can anybody edit your locator? etc....
For all these questions, your answer might be a big NO.To solve this prob, here is the approach.

Maintaining Locators:
Always maintain your locators in a single file which is supported by your script driven language like below.
Java   ---  you have .properties file
Python  --- Config parser or dictionaries
C#  --- .config file
Ruby  --- YAML file
So maintain your locators in a single file and edit whenever you want like QTP Object Repository.
Your file should contain your locators like this.

Ex: file
# Here registration is my page and firstname is element on registration page.
# Just for ID or Name
registration.submit=css=form submit

Accessing Locators in Scripts:
Just create a variable of type properties in globally in your class.
public static Properties locators = new Properties();
Then, load your locators file to JVM.
InputStream locatorStream = ClassName.class.getResourceAsStream("/");
Here ClassName refers your class name.
Thats all. Use it in your scripts like 

The above spoken is an approach. Also you can start with another approach.
1. Design Page Objects representing your pages or part of pages
2. Use your locators directly inside you page object classes you design.
3. Now your script contains only your methods your page object classes providing.
Now maintaining your locators is easy while automation project grows. Just find you page object class for a specific page and change your locators/methods as you want. No need to care about your scripts.
Refer this post: PageObjects

Hope this helps you start your own framework.

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