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Friday, January 13, 2012

HP QTP Extensiblity Accelerator - Support for GWT, YUI, SilverLight etc

Now you can implement support ie. you can design add-ins for your custom controls to support QTP. Yes, HP is provided an option called Extensiblity Accelerator in which we can implement support for our custom controls.
They are providing a template for Web Add-In extensiblity but not for others like
Flash, Flex, AIR
WPF etc
But you can design in other way by doing simple steps
1. Prepare the TestObjectIdentification.XML
This file will contain what are the properties and methods to be available for this kind of control to QTP.
2. Prepare SupportToolKit.cfg
This file contains the actual control type to be mapped with our custom control and its base classes etc.
3. Implement a custom server ie. functions for properties and methods for this control which you specified in above XML file.
Finally deploy this as a ZIP file and use it. It will be available like normal QTP Add-Ins while opening QTP.

You can see demo video here. Also you can find this in your help folder inside installation folder.

See help documentation provided by HP for details.

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