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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Selenium - HTTP to HTTPS SSL problems

In the daily life of selenium users, the SSL certificate problem is the constant which irritates the testers again and again. Lot of workarounds and solutions are on the way for this problem. Here are some ways that I came across.
1. Use Browser modes
In Selenium 1.0 and before, the try to use *chrome and *iehta
In Selenium 1.x and later, try to use *firefox and *iexplore
Also we can use *firefoxproxy and *iexploreproxy. But this have limitations on no. of instances and multi window modes.
2. Install your application certificates
If you have certificates for your SSL layer supported application, the best way is to install that certficate provided by your developers.
3. Install CyberVillains certificates
For those who don't have their own security certificates, selenium itself provides some inbuilt certificates in the package called CyberVillains. You can install these certificates to avoid the SSL switching problems.
4. Separate Browser Profiles
Create a separate profile by running firefox -profilemanager and add your sites under trusted sites and add the exceptions list. Whenever launching browser, instruct selenium RC server to use the created firefox proile instead of default one like,
java -jar selenium-server-standalone-1.0.x.jar -firefoxProfileTemplate "pathToTemplate"
5. Use firefox Plug-In Remember Certificate Exceptions(RCE)

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