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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Common QTP Topics/Questions

Here I am listing out some common QTP topics those are concentrated on most QTP interviews. Hope this will help lot of QTP beginners.

1. Why we go for automation?
2. What is Action? What are the types?
3. What is function? What is Sub? Diff between these two?
4. What is OR? Types of OR?
5. Which kind of OR is best?
6. What is TO? What is RO?
7. How QTP identifies object in UI and does the operations?
8. What are types of properties for a object? Mandatory, Assistive, Ordinal Identifiers.
9. What is smart Identification?
10.What is Synchronization? What are the synchronization methods available?
11.How you generated your results?
12.How you will email the results automatically after execution?
13.What is framework? Have you worked/designed a framework?
14.VBScript - String functions, Array, FileSystemObject, DictionaryObject
15.Connecting Excel and fetching data?
16.Connecting database and fetching data?
17.What kind of applications you have automated?
18.What kind of controls you automated? Native Controls, Thir party controls, etc..
19.What is DP? Why we go for DP? What are DP approaches?
20.Write a script for this scenario using DP?
21.How you handled error recovery?
22.Framework - Driver Script, TestData, Config Files, OR files, Reusable function Librarty
23.Tell me some re-usable components you have written?
24.What is environment variables? What is the purpose? How you will get/set value?
25.What is AOM - Automation Object Model? How to use this?
26.Have you worked in batch run?
27.Have you integrated QC with QTP and executed script from QC?
28.What are the type of files under each action and test? What are the extensions?
29.What is DataTable? How to use that?
30.What is Option Explicit? Why we are using this?
31.Regular expressions?
32.Checkpoints and its usage? types?


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