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Sunday, March 27, 2011

ActiveX OLE COM Objects used in Automation

Have listed some of the often used objects while automating using QTP and other tools...

  • FileSystemObject - File system operations
  • Scripting.Dictionary - Dictionary to store/read values in key-value pairs
  • Excel.Application - Excel application
  • Word.Application - Word application
  • Wscript.Shell - Command prompt
  • cdo.message - To send email
  • AcroExch.PDDoc & AcroExch.App - PDF Access but need to be AdobeAcrobat installed.
  • Microsoft.XMLDOM - To read/parse XML doc
  • ADODB.Connection & ADODB.RecordSet - To connect/read/write database
  • System.Collections.ArrayList - To create/read/write array lists
  • InternetExplorer.Application - Internet Explorer browser
  • Microsoft.XMLHTTP - HTTP to send request/get response

Automation Object Models -QTP:
1. QuickTest.Application
2. QuickTest.TestLibaraies like for every Dialog in UI of QTP application which contains options that we can modify will have a AOM object. We can use that to handle in script dynamically

Welcome all to share objects like these. It will help a lot in automation....

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