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Thursday, May 3, 2012

QTP - File Formats

Lot of QTP users are very interested to know all file formats related to QTP. Here are list as of my knowledge. Kindly do correct me if I am wrong.

Inside each Action:
-->  .BDB - Berkeley  Data Base - This is the Local Object Repository
-->  .MTR - Mercury Test Resource - This file contains Resources i.e. External Libraries, ORs and other files associated to each action.
-->  .MTS - Mercury Test Script - This is the script belongs to particular action.
-->  Folder Snapshots - Used to store the Active Screen images for the action.

Inside each Test:
-->  Actions folder will be there.
-->  default.CFG - Contains full details about run configurations
-->  default.USP - Contains user info with run logics. (related to LoadRunner execution)
-->  test.TSP - Used to store test settings info.
-->  Parameters.MTR - Contains Input, Output parameters info belongs to the test.
-->  TestName.USR - This file contains info about add-ins, files associated, environment info and other files info belongs to the test. (related to LoadRunner execution)
-->  test.lck - Lock file for the test if anyone is using the test.
-->  default.xls - Test Data file i.e. default DataTable associated for the action.

--> .TSR - Test Shared Repository
--> .QFL - QTP Function Library. Just custom QTP format instead to use common .VBS
--> .QRS - QTP Recovery Scenario

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