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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Start learning VBScript or JavaScript

Lot of guys who are interested to move to automation testing from manual have dilemmas on how to start learning the scripting language, which one I have to install, where to study, etc.
For those who are covered under the above case, this article is for you.
Both VBScript and JavaScript will run on windows based script host. So follow the simple steps to learn.

1. Just create a text file in your system and save it as .vbs(VBScript) or .js(JavaScript) extension.
2. Open the .vbs or .js file using notepad or other your favorite notepad editor like wordpad, notepad++, etc.
3. Just do your code and save.
4. Just double-click the .vbs or .js file. It will execute and give you results.
5. For your understanding like what value it returns, use msgbox which will show the value in dialog while executing for VBScript. For JavaScript, just create an object for "WScript.Shell" and use Popup.
6. If errors in your code, the it will give you error dialog by specifying error line and other info.
For technical resources, browse google. You will get lot of sites which will teach you VBscript and JavaScript. Start from W3Schools as a beginner.
Here is another good link for VBScript here.
Just refer the sample code here.

Environment Setup:
Basically VBScript will support by default in all windows versions. First right-click the file, Properties and change the open with as "Cwindows\systems32\WScript.exe".
If you have problems in executing VBScript just follow the steps mentioned here.
Use this registry file to merge. Download here
For JavaScript, just assign open with as "Windows based script host" which mentioned above. If still facing problems, do merging these attached registry entries. 
Download for Windows 7
Download for XP

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