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Monday, June 8, 2015

Handling Objects not recognized as standard type

While doing automation on UI, we will face lot of scenarios like Object not identified as expected type and will scratch our head how to simulate such object set, click, etc.

We have some options to simulate actions on such controls using WScript.Shell or Mercury.DeviceReplay
The only thing, we need to instruct the those APIs at whichposition exactly it need to perform the actions.

You can do with absolute poistion:
x = yourObject.GetROProperty("abs_x") + (yourObject.GetROProperty("width") / 2)
y = yourObject.GetROProperty("abs_y") + (yourObject.GetROProperty("height") / 2)
Set MerRply = CreateObject("Mercury.DeviceReplay")
MerRply.MouseClick x + 5, y, LEFT_MOUSE_BUTTON

You can use relative position:
x = yourObject.GetROProperty("width") / 2
y = yourObject.GetROProperty("height") / 2
yourObject.Click x, y, LEFT_MOUSE_BUTTON

If you want to type on the controls, simulate the type using SendKeys followed by click action.


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