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Monday, December 12, 2011

Automate testing of Flex / Adobe AIR application

Automating special kind of UIs are always some complex and still more tools are keep on providing add-ons to support special UIs like Flex, SilverLight, etc. We have some good tools to automate flex 
applications easily. 
Lot of tools in market providing flex and silverlight support like market giants QTP, TestComplete, RFT etc.
Here are some other tools you can make,

Commercial Tools:
1. RIATest
Its a nice and simple tool which have good set of features and reporting. Its desktop application which can be used to automate adobe AIR, flex and windows based applications. 

2. RanoRex
RanoRex is a good tool but not got famous. Its Object identification is fully XPath like concept for both Web and Desktop apps called RanoreXPath. It have Object Spy, Object Repository, Recorder and PlayBack and good reporting like QTP.

OpenSource Tools:
1. FlexMonkey  
Its a open source adobe AIR application which provides record and playback support for flex, AIR applications. Simple tool which provides neat recording and playback. Can be used for unit testing of regression cases. Also provides reporting abilities.
Based on ActionScript and provides support many ways like
  • Desktop Adobe AIR application -- FlexMonkey
  • PlugIn for Selenium Tests - FlexMonkium
  • PlugIn for Android/iOS mobile testing - FoneMonkey
2. FunFX 
FunFx is also an open-source tool which provides record and playback of flex applications. It supports ruby language to code.

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