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Monday, December 19, 2011

Mobile Testing - Kinds of testing carried out on a Mobile app

In today's world, without mobile (especially Smart Phone) nothing moves for every one. As mobile phone users are growing well, mobile market is on the boom. Obviously Mobile testing is an important area for today's software testers.
So how to start mobile testing? What kinds of testing will be carried out on a mobile application?

Basically 4 types of mobile application is there.
1. Native application (Installable / Un-Installable)
2. Native application (Not Installable / Un-Installable, comes with device)
3. Web application (optimized with
4. Applications work using WAP

So, have to execute many type of testing based on the application area, domain etc. This document will give you all kinds of testing. You can execute all or selective tests for your mobile application.

As we know, lot of automation tools supporting mobile testing. Something,
1. QTP
2. TestComplete
3. SeeTest Studio
4. Keynote DeviceAnyWhere
5. TestDroid by BitBar
6. M-eux by Jamo Solutions (Add-On for QTP, Visual Studio and Eclipse)
7. iPhoney
8. iPad Peek etc.
9. Selenium with FoneMonkey by gorilla
10. Selenium android driver
11. Perfecto Mobile providing some solutions
You can look here for more. More mobile testing tools

Lot of frameworks and approaches are followed in today's world to carry effective automated mobile testing on android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile OS, etc. 
For Android,
1. Selenium android Webdriver - OpenSource and works with ADT plug-in for eclipse
2. Robotium - Opensource and have extra features for mobile testing. We can also use ADT plug-in here.

Also I want to list some discussions which will give you real time problems on mobile application.

Hope this will give you some ideas to start !!!


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