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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cloud Computing Vs SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

Lot of peoples have some confusions about what is Cloud? If so then what is SaaS?
I will discuss about this topic with information I have.

Basically Cloud Computing refers some computing operation over internet, it may be any kind of service. Under this we have different models according to industry requirements. They are,
  1. Software as a Service
  2. Platform as a Service
  3. Infrastructure as a Service
Software as a Service - SaaS:
 SaaS refers simply access to an software application via internet on our client browser or any kind. It may be any kind like hosted in own environment or hosted in third party environment. 
Its related directly to end users.
Ex. Gmail, Google Docs etc.

Platform as a Service - PaaS:
PaaS refers access to a platform that provides capabilities to develop and test software applications via internet.
Its related to developers and testers who creates the software application.
Ex. SalesForce.Com), Google App Engine, Windows Azure, etc.

Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS:
IaaS refers access to hardware like mail servers, web servers etc via internet.
Its related to IT persons(or Organizations) who is responsible to provide environment for developers and testers to make software application.
Ex. Amazon EC2, SalesForce.Com), RackSpace, etc.

Hope this article will give you some ideas !!!

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    Cloud Computing can be interpreted several different ways depending on your background.

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